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About ShinyCovers, Gallery and Re-brand information with Gumroad. (Hey, that's me!) started making beautiful eBook covers for authors, and then included simple landing page websites, graphic designs, logo design and more. I've been using Photoshop since a very early age (well, most of my life!) and since 2009 I've been helping others get their business setup, logo's designed, web banners made and marketing started. Since then I've started two of my own businesses and still help others with their own business. I am authoring several guides on leveraging Photoshop CC, and I continue to offer digital marketing support and guidance to founders.

For the new re-brand I've uploaded some example gallery images to imgur featuring some work done for my clients, you can view it here:

Now with the rebrand it is much easier to commission new work, using the same method I use for my clients, I've setup a simple landing page to accept payments from - Gumroad is a great service to allow for quick and simple payments on your website, it's truly a great way to get the ball rolling if you are just starting or selling anything online, that includes eBooks, Graphics, and even tangible items.

With gumroad I (and others) are able to offer an easy way for clients to securely order unique graphic design and other design packages. The moment you commission the design package, a brief will be sent to your email that will help me get a great idea on your project, as well as give you an inside look at how my creative design process works.

I'm dedicated to understanding your project, offering advice, and helping you succeed. Add me on skype: @shinycovers - or email and we can chat about your project. 



Shiny and New:

Welcome to the new re-brand! This is the new blog, and hopefully there will be some new posts frequently here that are useful and interesting. If you want to get notified of updates be sure to follow us on twitter, facebook, and instagram.